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Ecommerce Review: Is BigCommerce Enterprise a Good Choice?


Just like with all the ecommerce-solutions providers today, BigCommerce is equipped with the core features and functions that can run an ecommerce store, even at an enterprise level.

But, would this be enough for my growing ecommerce needs? Would this be a good choice, a good investment?

Let’s take a closer look and examine what BigCommerce Enterprise has to offer.

BigCommerce has been in the business since 2009. Its enterprise-level platform, however, is just relatively new in the market, which was launched in 2015.

BigCommerce Enterprise platform’s top clients are some of the big names in different industries – automotive, clothing, health and beauty, electronics, outdoor and sporting, and specialty shops:


  • Gazelle
  • Native Union
  • Focus Attack
  • V-Moda


  • Toyota
  • Wisconsin Harley Davidson
  • Ford Racing Parts by Don Wood
  • Enjuku Racing
  • Sportbike Track gear

Outdoor and Sporting:

  • Slumberjack Outdoor Gear
  • 33-Off
  • Camelbak
  • Bike Somewhere


  • 3×1
  • Neck of the Woods
  • Two Guys Bowtie
  • LaQuan Smith

Health and Beauty:

  • Cloud Nine
  • Eco Modern Essentials
  • Jose Maran Cosmethics

With BigCommerce development and improvements, there are now over 100,000 merchants who are using the platform for their ecommerce website stores.

Would you follow their lead?

Let’s see.

BigCommerce Enterprise – As a SaaS Platform

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, BigCommerce Enterprise offers cloud-hosting for your ecommerce website store:

  • You don’t have to avail of hosting services from a third-party provider or build your own expensive server infrastructure to accommodate your growing website.
  • Additionally, you don’t have to invest for an in-house IT team to take care of the maintenance of the back-end system of your website store.
  • No more worrying about the complex and technical aspects of your website store.
  • This also means that the uptime for your website store is maintained by the provider.

If your technical expertise is not on par with that of a professional developer, then this might just be what you are looking for.

However, there’s a little downside. Because the back-end system is monitored, managed, and maintained by the provider, there would be a limit to what you can implement in your website store. In particular, the level of customizations. You would have limited access to the source code, since BigCommerce Enterprise is a SaaS platform.

Instead, available customizations are streamlined in the platform and if you want to implement additional customizations, you will have to ask for approval.

BigCommerce Enterprise – Pricing and Other Expenses

As far as pricing goes, BigCommerce Enterprise pricing varies from client to client. It is the usual quotation-based pricing. This means that the pricing that you would get would be also based on your monthly revenues.

For a baseline pricing, it is reported that the cost of licensing starts from $900 to $1,500. This is a recurring monthly charge. Again, this does not constitute the actual pricing range that you would get from a quote. The pricing would greatly depend on how big your enterprise business is and what features and functions you need to implement for your website store.

BigCommerce Enterprise – Ease of Use

Just like with other ecommerce solutions providers that include lower-tier plan packages, BigCommerce Enterprise is also using the same admin dashboard as with its basic plan. Reportedly, there’s not much learning curve. In fact, BigCommerce University’s page allows you to access a list of video tutorials, to help you navigate through the entire set-up of the admin panel.

Many merchants would consider BigCommerce’s admin dashboard as one of the most organized and cleanest set-up in the ecommerce industry.

After signing into the admin dashboard, you’ll be welcomed with some video tutorials, showing you where to look for the basic functions. Of course, you would not be needing these tutorials since everything you need are conveniently laid out in the left toolbars.

Since it’s a SaaS platform, BigCommerce Enterprise does not include a lot of complex features and functions. All available features and functions are streamlined inside the admin dashboard, making it easier to navigate through each component of your website store.

The admin panel also includes a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) so you could add:

  • Specific contents to your webpages.
  • Banners
  • Product descriptions, and;
  • Descriptions for categories.

There’s also the Stencil editor, which allows you to edit the template, theme, or design of your storefront. If you’re not the tech-savvy type, it would best to watch the video tutorial first before tinkering the codes in the Stencil editor.

BigCommerce Enterprise – Key Features

All the features and functions in the low-tier package plans are included in the Enterprise plan:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Social Media Integrations so you can market your products to more channels.
  • Single Page Checkout
  • Paypal One Touch Checkout


The Enterprise features include the following:

  • Specialized Conversion Management Tools – BigCommerce is well-known for its effective conversion tactics. The conversion tools include the following:
    • Abandoned Cart Recovery
    • Filtered Search
  • Specialized Support – If you’re an Enterprise customer, your concerns will be prioritized. In fact, there’s a special feature called “Prioritized Call Routing.” There’s also a dedicated account manager that will assist you in maintaining your website store. As an enterprise customer, you could also avail of special consultations to improve your sales and marketing.
  • Specialized Shipping Support – As an enterprise customer, you could use ShipperHQ. ShipperHQ is a tool for calculating the shipping rates of your products. With this, your customers will be able to know in real-time the expected expenses for shipping – no guessing game and no surprises in the checkout page.


BigCommerce Enterprise – Payment Gateway

While still relatively new in the industry, BigCommerce Enterprise has already partnered with at least 38 payment processing gateways, including the biggest names in the industry such as Stripe, Paypal, and Square to name a few.

With these payment gateway, your customers will be able to enjoy hassle-free payment transactions and the utmost security of their sensitive data.

BigCommerce Enterprise – Security Mechanism

Since BigCommerce Enterprise is a SaaS platform, you don’t have to worry about security. Security mechanism is an included service in the enterprise package plan. Its PCI-Compliant certification is a level 1 PCI DSS.

With BigCommerce Enterprise’s security, you can expect that any breaches or fraudulent transactions are caught right off the bat. The platform ensures this by integrating a built-in Sift Science detection system, along with a specialized bank-level DDoS protection system.

With this security feature, your entire ecommerce website store is protected 24/7 round-the-clock and maintains an uptime of 99.99%.

BigCommerce Enterprise – Conclusion

BigCommerce Enterprise is a good choice, a good investment for your ecommerce business. Unfortunately, it would take more than a good choice and a good investment to make the final words.

You have to ask yourself if you are the right merchant that BigCommerce Enterprise is targeting. It’s always a matching game. With the given core and key factors above, you should be able to match your specific needs to what the platform is offering. If you find anything that could help you grow your ecommerce business, then add that up to the pluses, but do not compromise on the negatives.

At the end of the day, a single review won’t be enough for you to make an informed decision. There’s still a lot to consider, but, at the very least, the insights that you have learned from this post will help you choose the correct path for your ecommerce business.